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HART's Green Office Policies

Office Facility

  • LO-E windows- controls heat transfer reducing energy loss by as much as 30%–50%.
  • Low VOC paint.
  • Carpet tiles.
  • Motion sensor lights in conference room, hallway, "flex" office space.
  • Energy Star rated refrigerator.
  • Electricity provider (Viridian Energy)- 20% of electricity is generated from renewable energy options.
  • Most office furniture is repurposed or donated.
  • Reusable coffee mugs.
  • Paper products are made of recycled content.
  • Employees are encouraged to use reusable water bottles and use water cooler rather than bottled water.


  • Computer monitors are shut off or manually sent to energy-saving modes when not in use and at night.
  • Sleep mode enabled on all copiers and all printers after five minutes or more of inactivity.
  • All lights are turned off when not in use during the day and at night.
  • Motion sensor lights are present in conference room/ kitchen, common areas and bathrooms.
  • Office blinds are left down on hot days and at night and weekends to preserve heat.
  • HVAC system is programmed for maximum efficiency-heating and cooling of office.
  • Air conditioning is turned off and windows are opened on cooler days.
  • Windows remain tightly shut in cold weather.
  • Power strips are used as central turn-off points in our individual work stations.
  • Small appliances are plugged into power strips and turned off at night/weekends.
  • During cold weather, the blinds in our individual work stations are closed at night.


  • When purchasing papers, recycled content is preferred.
  • Before purchasing office furniture, such as file cabinets, desks, etc., we seek to repurpose existing office furniture or seek donations of used pieces.
  • Before purchasing new furniture we consider more sustainable furniture options. (remanufactured)
  • If we must purchase new (or used) appliances and equipment (printers, copiers, microwaves), we select Energy Star rated.

Waste reduction

  • We print or copy to both sides of a page whenever possible.
  • In order to save paper when printing and copying, we reuse paper that has text on only one side whenever appropriate. We keep a scrap paper pile near our printer and/or copier.
  • We have a designated area in our supply closet, or elsewhere in our office, for sharing office supplies that can be re-used (file folders, binders, pens, paper clips, etc).
  • There is at least one reusable bag in the kitchen or break room for our staff to use in place of plastic bags when shopping or buying lunch, supplies, etc.
  • We reduce paper margins in order to decrease the length of documents we may print.
  • We limit our production of printed materials with an “as needed” printing policy.
  • There are recycling bins in all common areas where trash bins are present, as well as in each individual office.
  • We recycle inkjet and laser jet cartridges (any brand) through Staples or sending them back to their manufacturer.


  • Flextime and telework policies in place.
  • Carpool when possible to meetings.
  • Choose and offer conference calls and webinars in lieu of traveling to meetings, seminars.


For more information about commuting in Hunterdon contact info@harttma.com