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Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Pennsylvania. I work in Hunterdon County, NJ. Can I sign up for a carpool?

Yes.  The carpool program is based upon the commuter’s worksite location. As long as you work in Hunterdon County, NJ, you are eligible for the carpool program.

Do I have to carpool every day?

NO. Carpooling is not an “all or nothing” commitment. Many commuters choose to carpool just 2 days per week. Others prefer to carpool every day.  Some commuters share a ride seasonally.  It is up to you!

What if I am unable to get in touch with the commuters on the match list that HART provides to me?

Contact HART and we will confirm the information that we sent you is correct, will reach out to the commuters for you, or will run a new match for you.

Why should I register my carpool with HART?

In order to be eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program and other commuter support programs/incentives, you must register your carpool.

What should I do if I lose my carpool mate or have to leave my carpool?

Contact HART to help you or your carpool mate to find new riders.

What if the person on the match list only wants to ride and doesn’t want to share the driving responsibilities?

Carpooling is usually a reciprocal arrangement. However, it is up to the commuters who are sharing a ride how they would like their carpool to function.

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