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Getting Started

It is easy to start or find a carpool to join! Here in Hunterdon County, HART Commuter Information Services is your resource for improving your commute!

Find A Carpool

Search Carpool MapsThere are two ways to find an existing carpool to join. You can search the Carpool Map to identify carpools traveling in your area. Or, you may complete a “Share a Ride” application. The application asks for information on your origin, destination, work hours and other preferences. Using an online commuter database, HART staff will match you to other commuters who have also expressed interest in sharing a ride. Information is provided confidentially. There is no obligation to form a carpool as a result of match.

Start or Register A Carpool

Register a CarpoolSo, you’ve talked with your co-worker, spouse, or neighbor about sharing a ride to work. Or, maybe you are already carpooling to a Hunterdon worksite. Great! Be sure to register your carpool with HART to take advantage of various commuter benefits. Once registered, you will receive a Carpool Identification Card along with information on how to access commuter benefits and promotions.

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