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Employee Commute Programs

Looking to increase worker productivity and employee morale? Helping employees to improve their commute is an easy way to boost morale at no cost! Is your business interested in being more environmentally friendly? Why not promote commute options like carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, or teleworking at your worksite? It’s a great way to be a good corporate neighbor by helping to improve air quality, reducing traffic congestion, and improving the overall quality of life for your employees and the community. HART is available to help you provide commute information and programming to your employees.

Employee Commute Information Fairs

HART staff is available to visit your worksite during lunchtime to share information on commute options with employees. All you have to do is provide a table. HART will do the rest.

Information Kiosks

HART has information kiosks available for placement at your worksite. We can customize the message as appropriate to your worksite and provide the needed brochures to encourage employees to carpool, vanpool or bicycle to work.

New Employee Orientation Materials/Assistance

Attract and retain the best employees by providing information to improve their commute- at no cost to you! HART can help current and potential employees to find a commute that will suit their needs and result in a positive reflection of you as an employer.

Customized Worksite Programs

Looking for a fun way to engage employees? Why not encourage a little friendly competition with a carpool challenge? Is parking at a premium? Why not reduce the need for parking spaces by promoting carpools and vanpools? HART can assist you to develop a program to meet your needs, starting with an employee origin/destination survey.

Onsite Commuter Seminars

"Commuter Café Series"- "Commuter Cafés" are FREE information sessions on topics related to commuting that are held on-site at employer worksites or community centers. Commuter Café sessions are typically held at lunchtime, however, other times may be arranged. Presentations are scheduled for approximately 40-45 minutes, with 15-20 minutes designated for questions and answers. As a courtesy to our speakers, we ask that you have a minimum of 15 participants.

Sample Topics
  • Driving Safety Tips for Women
  • Driving and Stress: Avoiding Road Rage
  • Winter Driving Tips
  • Driving Tips for Seniors
  • Personal Safety: Don't Be a Victim in Your Car
  • Sharing the Road with Tractor Trailers
  • Distracted Driving
  • Flextime/Compressed Workweek/Telecommute
  • Considering adopting a flextime, compressed workweek or telework policy for employees?  HART is available to help you evaluate which of these strategies will be best for your business and help you to implement the program that will result higher productivity, employee morale, and cost savings. 


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