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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment of a Vanpool Lease?

Most Vanpool Providers offer “month-to-month” leases, with a one month termination requirement.

Who drives the van?

One or more members of the vanpool, possession a valid driver’s license, agree to share the driving.

Two common options are:

  • The van is driven by one vanpool participant at all times. Often, when one person agrees to be the designated drive, the other vanpool participants offer that individual a reduced cost share in the vanpool.
  • The van is driven on a rotation basis with two or more of the vanpoolers taking turns driving daily, weekly, or monthly.

What about vehicle maintenance?

The vanpool providers arrange for, and include all maintenance of the vehicles, as part of the cost of the lease agreement. The only additional “out of pocket” expenses to the vanpoolers are tolls, gasoline or parking, as necessary.

Where is the van parked at night?

The vanpool participants decided where to keep the vehicle when not in use. In most cases, the driver takes the van home, or, in rare instances, the vanpool is kept at a park and ride location. (permission is required from park and ride facility for overnight parking.)

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