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Recent Traffic Alerts

  • 08/23 7:42AM Incident
    I-78 EB x33 - Warren Twp Motor vehicle accident at x33 (Warren Twp), with delays back to x26 (Lamington)
  • 08/23 6:15AM Weather
    Fog Patches of heavy fog throughout the region. Maintain a safe following distance.
  • 08/22 4:53PM Congestion
    I-78 WB x20 - Lebanon Boro Slow moving traffic approaching x20 (Lebanon Boro), delays back to x26 (Lamington)
  • 08/22 6:08AM Incident
    I-78 EB x18 - Clinton Twp Motor vehicle accident
  • 08/21 4:41PM Incident
    Rte 31 N at Cregar Road - Lebanon Twp Motor vehicle accident causing delays in both directions
  • 08/21 7:38AM Incident
    I-78 WB Exit 50 Union Twp I-78 westbound local lanes west of Exit 50/Vauxhall Road. Motor vehicle accident reported. Heavy delays back to west of Exit 52/GSP.
  • 08/21 7:21AM Congestion
    I-78 EB Exit 26 Bedminster I-78 eastbound between Exit 28/Rattlesnake Ridge Road and Exit 29/ I-287-202-206. Pockets of delays caused by volume.
  • 08/18 4:08PM Congestion
    I-78 WB Exit 29 Bedminster I-78 westbound between Exit 29/ I-287-202-206 and Exit 26/ Rattlesnake Bridge Road. Heavy delays due to volume.
  • 08/18 4:04PM Incident
    Rt 29 Lambertville Lambertville, Route 29 sounthbound at Swan St, Motor vehicle accident.
  • 08/18 3:51PM Congestion
    I-78 EB Exit 49 Springfield I-78 local and express roadways eastbound between Exit 49/Springfield Ave and Exit 52/ GSP in Union Twp. Heavy delays due to volume.
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